About Our Leather Craft

If you love Mother Earth, then you love Alyssa’s thoughtfulness and commitment to eco-friendly artisanal products. Beyond the love and respect Alyssa has for the world, she has even more gratitude and care for the people with whom she works.

All textile embroidery and beadwork is grounded in fairtrade best practices between her and the artisan directly. You receive a truly multicultural custom piece where the artist is getting a fair amount of money for their work. All feathers are ecologically sourced with humaneness in mind. The Parrots are living a happy existence in Pennsylvania, andnot from the feather industry in China.

All leather used is a byproduct of the meat industry ensuring that the animals were never farmed solely for their skin. rather using the entirety of the animal ensuring no waste

How it works is Alyssa receives the measurements taken from the instrument she’s making the piece for and drafts a completely custom pouch or ceremonial bag for example. Each commodity is unique to its purpose and to its person; the loving details are hand sewn for your exact intentions.


All leather comes from a US-based company which sources hides from the meat industry, ensuring the reduction of waste.


Each and every item is made with care, intention, and attention to detail. Quality isof the highest importance to us.


No item is ever replicated, the material vary from piece to piece, so you are guarenteed a completely unique piece of art!


Why We Are Unique

Those who know Alyssa say she’s “intentional, high vibrational, compassionate, and authentic”. Originally brought up in northern New Jersey, Alyssa quickly cultivated a witty sense of humor for which many accredit her father. Her travels brought her from New Jersey, into Susquehanna University of Pennsylvania where she accomplished a Bachelors of Arts in Spanish and Education and a strong sisterhood.

Alyssa was naturally called into the world through a wide range of healing modalities as she explored life and her many gifts, landing her in her current home in Oregon. She is a student of the Lodge and their ancient teachings, a Kripalu Yoga instructor, reiki practitioner, and highly skillful in sewing with more than fourteen years of experience, leatherwork, and hand-crafted custom designs. She works meticulously designing one-of-a-kind fans, ceremonial bags, and eco-minded leather products to protect your most treasured belongings.

What people love about her is her attention to detail; every single artifact made prayerfully and infused with her love and intention. Her innate ingenuity and industrious skill set mean that all leather items are completed by hand, her hand, no machines.

What Customers Are Saying

Alyssa’s vision is far beyond the scope of what is mundane… in fact she takes that which is mundane, regular and plain, and transforms it into what is sacred and intentional.

I love Alyssa’s passions for fair trade and eco-friendly practices. It means so much to me that all of her matierials are mindfully sourced.

Alyssa is a true visionary. She has a sight for that which is creative and for the flow. She can easily sense what naturally comes togehter to compliment each other. She is a talented artist.

A Word from the Artist

I want to thankk you personally for your interest in my artwork. I feel that my art is an extention of how I live my life, just as each small daily act is a reflection of the larger picture of one’s life. Every day, I move towards a higher allignment to the ideals and standards that I hold for myself: to be a good friend, to be true to my words, to forgive myself for any misguided actions, and most of all to stand with integrity in all that I do. Needless to say that does not always happen, that is where the forgiveness comes in! I am just a regular person, just like you! Lets stand together to create the beauty with which we wish to be surrounded.

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