¬† What is Smudging? It is the sacred art of using smoke and prayers to cleanse one’s energy field or the energy of a space. There are many different herbs used across a variety fo cultures, each with their own particular properties. Copal, a tree resin indigenous to South and Central America, is used to dispel negative energies and to seal the negative energies out of an individual’s field. ¬†White sage, common to North America, is used as a sort of reset button; it cleanses and resets the energy in a space or in one’s personal field. Cedar, however, is offered more frequently as a prayer offering when sending prayers up to the Creator. Amber, sweet grass, and osha root are some others, just to name a few. There are many herbs which many cultures use is this sacred rite, and this small post doesn’t even skim the surface. The most important aspect is your intention and integrity when preforming this If you are curious about making a connection to herbs as a regular practice, go ahead over to antleralchemy.com and check out April’s diverse information about these healing plants.